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Secure Asset Locator

Secure Asset Locator

$40.00 AUD + $10 AUD per/month network subscription
Secure Asset Locator

Secure Asset Locator

$40.00 AUD + $10 AUD per/month network subscription

Our Location Tracker can send you a message and continually track the location of your assets when it unexpectedly starts to move or to know the location of family or employees.

Our devices use the IoT network that has the same network coverage as the 3G/4G network.

In addition, our devices allow for battery life of up to a year. Meaning the STS Location Tracker is always ready when it's needed most.

  • Our devices use the IoT network
  • This network has the same coverage as the 3G/4G network
  • Our devices use both GPS (Satellite) & LBS (mobile towers).
  • The device works by using a combination of positioning systems to get the most accurate location. The device uses a combination of GPS (satellite positioning) and LBS positioning (mobile tower positioning). Depending on the best signal available, the device will report the position using either GPS or LBS positioning. A good example is when the device is outdoors and getting GPS signals, the current location shown will have a 5-10meters accuracy. However, when the GPS is weak (indoors, underground, bad weather, etc), mobile towers are used to show the current location in the app. The combination of the two positioning technologies makes the Secure Asset Tracker accurate for all conditions and locations.

STS location tracker is always ready when it's needed most.

  • The device is small and discreet to allow you to hide in a compartment that is unlikely to be found.
  • You will receive an alert to your paired devices when the sensor triggers any unexpected movement  - keeping you constantly connected to your important assets.
  • The smartphone app allows you to schedule when you will receive alerts. I.e. if you own a boat and your family are usually not home from 8am to 4pm - then set this as your alert schedule and be notified only during this time of unexpected movement. 
  • Our devices are ready for hire and active on the IoT network when you receive them.
  • No connection or seperate fees.
  • Simply sync to your smart phone and the location tracker is ready to protect your assets - less than 10 minutes to setup.
  • This makes STS a very cost efficient, long lasting and easy to setup location tracker.
  • Click 'Contact Us To Hire' button to start the process.