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Wireless Shed Alarm
No wifi or power cables required.

Perfect for remote sheds that do not have access to Wifi.

Simply turn the device on, pair it with your mobile phone using our free app and attach it to a wall. Within 10 minutes you have a security system for your shed or garage.

No WiFi or power connection required. Perfect for remote buildings.

No External Power Source
No power source, wiring or Wi-Fi required

The device runs on just 4xAA batteries for up to a year and connects to the IoT network - meaning your remote shed can connect to the IoT network to send you alerts of any unexpected entry. 

Secure your property and valuable assets today

Remote Security Alarm in Minutes
Alarm setup is quick & easy

The Secure Area Sensor setup is as easy as entering the serial number into the free app and attaching the device on the wall of your shed or garage. A simple 10 minute setup.

The "Secure Track Sense" smartphone app is available free on Android and iPhone.

Alerts & Alarm Schedule
Receive an alert only for unexpected behaviour

Set an alarm schedule (i.e. 7am - 4pm) from the STS smartphone app and receive notifications when the device sensors movement during your specified time.

When the device detects movement during this time you will receive an alert - keeping you constantly connected to your remote shed or garage.

What makes STS Sensor Alarm the market leader?

Security for your Container, Shed Or Office Door. Security Multi-Sensor with free mobile app to receive alerts. ATF Vision
  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Weather resistant for both indoor and outdoor use (IP65 Rating)

  • Wireless

    Can be placed at any location using  the low data network, no 4G/3G/Wifi or a power source required.

  • Smartphone Notifications

    Notifications directly to your smartphone via app and email.

  • Long Battery Life

    Up to 12 months battery life using 4 AA batteries.

  • Quick Installation

    Quick and easy D.I.Y installation

  • Temperature

    Operates in temperatures ranging from -10ºC to 55ºC.

Secure Your Remote Shed Or Garage

The Secure Area Sensor can message you when it sensors any unexpected movement in your garage or shed without the need of a WiFi or a power connection. Find out more:

App Features

  • Monitor Assets

    STS Secure makes it easy to secure places and assets with alerts of any unexpected movement direct your smartphone.

  • 10 Minute Setup

    Use the STS Secure app to pair with your device. Then attach the device to your wall. 10 minute setup time! 

  • Add Monitoring Times

    if you're away from your asset from 6pm to 7am. Make this your time period for when you receive alerts for unexpected movement.

  • View Alert History

    See the list of unusual activities so you can keep track of what's happening.

  • Multiple Users

    Setup notifications to be shared with multiple users. This allows your security to be monitored by more than one person to help surveillance.

  • Adjust Settings

    Adjust the sensor settings to suit your location. You can adjust for outdoors & indoors to get the best settings for your sensor.

  • Instant Alerts

    App notifications display instantly to allow you to investigate why there is unexpected movement at your place or near your assets.

  • Free App

    Free smartphone app. For Apple devices the app requires iOS 10.0 or later. For Android the app requires Android 5.0 and up.

  • Bluetooth Sync

    Easily pair your device to your phone with bluetooth. Setup only takes 10 minutes from pairing to your phone to attaching on your wall. 

  • Pause Alerts

    Easily use the app to pause the alerts. I.e. pause alerts for 1 hour and alerts will auto-turn-on after the hour is complete.

Available On Your App Store


The Secure Area Sensor can be used as a motion sensor to secure any remote place, area or asset.However, typically it is used for:

Construction:Site Offices, Storage Containers, Temporary Sites

Commercial: Vacant Buildings, Warehouses, Factories

Agriculture: Machinery Sheds, Remote Buildings, Fuel Tanks

Domestic: Garages and Storage Areas, Outdoor Areas, Homes and Holiday Homes

Simply turn the device on, pair it with your mobile phone using our free app and stick it to a wall. In less than 10 minutes you have a security system that will alert your phone when it sensors any unexpected movement.

The range of the sensor is up to 12m and 130 degree angle. It also has intelligent built-in sensors that can detect shock (vibration and movement of the device), audio sensor (detects loud or irregular noises), and tamper sensor (when device casing has been opened).

Our device sends alerts to your phone using the IoT network. This network has the same coverage as the 3G/4G network.

Because of the low power used on the IoT network, the device can stay charged for up to one year on 4xAA batteries. You will receive an alert on your smartphone when the battery is getting low.

Yes, the app is free. For Apple devices the app requires iOS 10.0 or later and compatible with iPhone and iPad. For Android the app requires Android 5.0 and up. Download today by searching 'STS Secure' in your app store to test if the app can install on your phone.

Yes, add a network group into the app and each user in the group will receive permission to recieve alerts.

Yes. We have developed the device with industrial UV stabilised weather resistant casing (IP66 rating). Operating temperature from -10° to 55° Celsius. Perfect for a security sensor on outdoor sheds, containers, driveways and garages that cannot pick up your home wifi.

4 x AA batteries provide up to 1 year battery life. The device will send warning notifications to your smartphone when the batteries are running low. Easily screw off the back casing to replace batteries.