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Vehicle Location Tracking
Long Lasting Battery. Easy Setup.

Track your vehicle location without the need of a GPS connected to your car battery or a WiFi connection. Up to 12x longer battery life than other similar devices.

Our STS security locator can send you a message and continually track the location of your vehicle from your smartphone to stay connected with your vehicle, or know the whereabouts of family or employees.

No WiFi or power required. Perfect for discreet location tracking. Setup in less than 10 Minutes.

Locate Stolen Vehicles
Display the location of your vehicle on your smartphone

Easily locate stolen vehicles form your smartphone. Simply connect the device to your phone and hide in your car to be constantly connected to your car from your smartphone.

Emergency Locator
Find the location of your loved ones in an emergency

Easily locate the vehicle of loved ones in an accident or emergency. Simply connect the device to your phone and place in a family members car to be constantly connected.

Locate Work Vehicles
Locate the address of where your vehicle has stopped

Easily locate and constantly stay connected to your work vehicles. Know the location of where employees have stopped and keep an eye on how your business is running.

How The Vehicle Locator Works

The Secure Asset Locator can continually track the location of your car, truck, motorbike, van or any other vehicle. Find out more:

Location Tracker in Just 5 Minutes
Locator setup is quick & easy

The STS Vehicle location tracker setup is as easy as entering the serial number into the app and placing the device in your vehcile. A simple 5 minute setup.

The "Secure Track Sense" smartphone app is available free on Android and iPhone.

Alerts & Alarm Schedule
Receive an alert for any unexpected behaviour

Set a vehicle schedule from the smartphone app and receive notifications when the vehicle is used out-side of this time. Even if the schedule is set to off, you can still login to the app and track the location of your asset anytime.

When the device detects movement during this time you will receive an alert and the location is tracked automatically at intervals - keeping you constantly connected to your vehicle.

Long Battery Life
A security system with battery life of up to 12 x longer than other devices

The STS Location Tracker does not use battery draining GPS.  Instead it uses a low cost data network that has the same network coverage as the 3G/4G network – all at a far lower cost.

Meaning you can always locate your vehicle when it's needed most.

App Features

What Makes The Secure Asset Tracker The Market Leader?

STS Location Tracker - image only
  • Wireless

    No WiFi connection needed. Subscription to the IoT network included in the STS package.

  • Long Lasting battery

    No battery draining WiFi. Meaning you can rely on STS Asset Locator for when it's needed most.

  • Simple Setup

    Download the app, enter the serial number and attach the device on the asset you want to track location. Less than 10min setup time.

  • Smartphone App

    Available on Apple and Android. The free app can manage all your STS sensors. Receive alerts to monitor unexpected activity of your door or gate all from your smartphone.

  • Robust Design

    Small size and made from very strong material. The device can be installed without being noticed

  • IoT

    Our devices uses the latest "Internet of Things" (IoT) technology. 


Simply turn the device on, pair it with your mobile phone using our free app and place the device on or in the asset that you would like to track. In less than 10 minutes you have an asset tracker that will alert your phone when it sensors any unexpected movement.

The device works by using a combination of positioning systems to get the most accurate location. The device uses a combination of GPS (satellite positioning) and LBS positioning (mobile tower positioning). Depending on the best signal available, the device will report the position using either GPS or LBS positioning. A good example is when the device is outdoors and getting GPS signals, the current location shown will have a 5-10meters accuracy. However, when the GPS is weak (indoors, underground, bad weather, etc), mobile towers are used to show the current location in the app. The combination of the two positioning technologies makes the Secure Asset Tracker accurate for all conditions and locations.

Our device sends you alerts to your phone using the IoT network. This network has the same coverage as the 3G/4G network.

Because of the low power used on the IoT network, the device can stay charged for up to one year on 2xAAA batteries. You will receive an alert on your smartphone when the battery is getting low.

Yes, the app is free. For Apple devices the app requires iOS 10.0 or later and compatible with iPhone and iPad. For Android the app requires Android 5.0 and up. Download today by searching 'STS Secure' in your app store to test if the app can install on your phone.

Yes, add a network group into the app and each user in the group will receive permission to recieve alerts.

Yes. We have developed the device with industrial UV stabilised weather resistant casing (IP66 rating). Operating temperature from -10° to 55° Celsius. Perfect for a location tracker on large outdoor machinery, vehciles, boat & yachts, outdoor equipment, caravans & campers, bikes, parcels & pallets and family school bags & bags.

2 x AAA batteries provide +1 year worth of battery life.

The device will send warning notifications to your smartphone when the batteries are running low. Easily screw off the back casing to replace batteries.