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Secure Area Sensor

Secure Area Sensor

Our Secure Area Sensor can message you when it sensors any unexpected movement without the need of power or a wifi connection. 

Simply turn the device on, pair it with your mobile phone using our free app and stick it to a wall. With less than 10 minutes you have a security system for your shed or garage.


  • Our devices send you alerts to your phone using the IoT network
  • The IoT network has the same coverage as the 3G/4G network. Once the alarm is trigged you will get a notification on your device notifying you about unwanted visitors.
  • No power connection required.
  • The device can stay charged for up to one year on 4xAA batteries. You will also receive an alert on your smartphone when the battery is getting low.

STS Remote Alarm Sensor is always ready when it's needed most. You can trust STS for your home or business security.

  • The device is aprox 16cm x 16cm (6inches x 6inches) and built with tough, durable and weather resistant materials for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The STS free smartphone app is available on Android and iPhone.
  • Setup is as easy as entering the serial code into the app and attaching the device to your garage or shed wall.

Simple 10 minute setup.

  • When our device detects unexpected movement you will receive an alert via the IoT network - keeping you constantly connected to your asset.
  • Optionally, you can set network groups into the app so more people can receive alerts to help with your security.
  • Set an alarm schedule from the smartphone app.
  • Example: If your remote garage or shed is not accessed from 8am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. Set this as your alarm schedule and receive notifications only during this time

Receive notifications anytime someone enters your garage or shed.


Affordable | Easy to Hire | Quick to Install | Easy to Use

Talk to the market leaders in quality construction security systems or find the right camera by using our simple camera wizard