Welcome to Secure Track Sense

Our goal is to develop and provide state of the art multi-sensor products that are easy to implement and give users peace of mind.

STS Devices (Secure Track Sense) is a subsidiary of ATF Services, the largest temporary fencing, height safety and outdoor security surveillance provider in Australia and New Zealand. We have 60 branches across Australia and New Zealand with 350 employees. In 2014 we began to diversify into security and IOT technology and have developed new and innovative products for the global market.

We are currently launching our latest IOT products in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain and Ireland. Our first product is the security multi-sensor, designed to detect any movement at an installed location and immediately alert users via a smartphone notification and/or email, ideal for temporary sites and locations without power or connection to the internet. Our latest product is the new unobtrusive activity sensor, enabling older people to live independently for longer and providing peace of mind to family and care providers.